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The Tagliamento River

The Tagliamento represents the backbone of Friuli from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea. thousands of years its floods have built up a large part of the Friuli plain. Its course in the middle plain is characterized by a large gravelly riverbed in which the water appears in the rainy periods in intertwined channels, while in the lean periods it flows under the gravel. It is considered one of the best preserved rivers from a naturalistic point of view and an ecological corridor between mountains and sea.

The Stella River

The Stella is a resurgence river. In fact, it collects the waters that emerge from the aquifers of the medium plain and carries them to the Marano Lagoon. Its clear waters have an almost constant flow throughout the year, so much so that its course has no artificial embankments. It is surrounded by beautiful woods. Its mouth is protected by a regional park where it is possible to observe a fascinating and unique natural environment.