A red wine that is ours alone: ​​Penğ from the Friulian word which means consistent, important. Since 2005 we have been producing it by combining Refosco with slightly passito Merlot. Another passion of ours is a passito of Verduzzo Friulano that we have called Uepasse. Both are produced in small quantities, only in the best years, and mature in wood for long months.

Peng Modeano


Penǧ is a Friulian adjective, which expresses the thickness, weight and authority of a man. A suitable name for this wine with a strong and harmonious character.

Modeano Ue Passe


Ùepasse is a name that in Friulian recalls ripe grapes, sweet aromas and nostalgia. Time has passed, leaving complex notes, delicate aromas, golden reflections.



Dòme is a Friulian adjective, which expresses the uniqueness of the object. Straw yellow in color with greenish reflections.