Our Wines

The winemaking tradition of Friuli-Venezia Giulia is based on a wide range of grape varieties that give rise to very often monovarietal wines.

In Modeano we grow 13 different grape varieties. They are almost like children to us and we could hardly deprive ourselves of any of them. wines white are the most represented, reflecting a trend common to all of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, but reds represent a tradition that has seen them prevail in the past. Latest arrivals, but now perfectly integrated, have been added sparkling wines. From the choice of creating particular wines in small quantities, our new born selections, wines that we produce only in the best vintages. We cannot be missing distillates, for now represented by an artisan grappa with a strong character

Chardonnay Modeano


The Friulian tradition with native and classic vines.

Refosco Modeano


Grown in Friuli for over a century.

Peng Modeano


Penğ from the word in Friulano which means consistent, important.

Ribolla Gialla Avril Modeano

Sparkling Wines

Fresh and decisive character but also classic with character.

Trape Grappa Friulana Modeano


The oldest still functioning distillery in Friuli