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The first time that the name “Modeano” is mentioned is in a document from 1561.

The Republic of Venice, to finance the war against the Turks, ceded part of the municipal assets of Palazzolo to the Venetian family Dandolo. The estate later passed to the Bertuzzi family and in 1905 to Norberto Marzotto, a famous scholar of the vine and author of a famous Italian Ampelography published in 1927.

He transformed what was a simple farm into an inhabited center with new houses for tenants, the church, an elementary school and an after- work.

When his son Arnaldo, at the end of the 1950s, decided to move to America, he sold the land to the former tenants. The company center, the vineyards and the cellar were finally purchased by my wife’s family and since 1982, the year of our marriage, we started to personally manage the company.