A “genuine” wine is born out of the interaction between man, its vines and the climate: this union provides character and originality.

The ancient district of Modeano is at the heart of the Friulian Riviera, already in ancient Roman times the location of a country villa. At the start of the XX century Norberto Marzotto, a scholar of agronomy and viticulture set the base for the vineyard and the cellar, by creating a model company. Gabriele Vialetto and his wife Emanuela passionately manage the company, while trying to create a certain future for their children. The modern, air conditioned cellar occupies the long farmhouse that surrounds the courtyard with the main house and the small church dedicated to Madonna of the Rosary. The formation of the region, the fertile soil with light, deep deposits and the climate softened by the proximity to the sea make Modeano an ideal place to produce wine rich in taste, aroma and colour.